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frequently asked questions

  • A fence has been put up around the area for some time now, and only Alpine Club members are allowed to climb there. The code for the combination lock can be obtained from the DAV Heidelberg section office. If you have any questions, you can call them during business hours.

  • No, we do not offer climbing courses. We are a working group that carries out renovation work and political work on behalf of all climbers in the Odenwald. If you are interested in a climbing course, you can visit your local DAV section, where there are often beginner courses and the opportunity to find climbing partners. Alternatively, there are plenty of private climbing schools in the area.

  • Unfortunately, we are not specialized in bouldering, but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of opportunities for bouldering in the Odenwald! A good place to start is this article in Outdoor Magazine and the Odenwald Bouldering Guide.

  • We won't tell you what to do here. Just remember that the base of a wall with falling rocks and steep cliffs isn't exactly the ideal playground for children. And one more thing: we think it's great if you want to introduce the next generation to via ferratas, but we ask that you avoid doing this at peak times if possible.

  • A whole lot!

    Hopefully it goes without saying, but climbing is not an aspect of life where a "learning by doing" attitude is likely to be successful. We strongly advise sticking with the course options above, at least until you have a basic understanding of the stuff that is supposed to keep you alive.

  • Basically yes! Climbing in the Odenwald traditionally relies on self-made routes. However, the days of spontaneous drilling are long gone. We therefore ask you to always tell us what you plan to do before you start drilling. This is also in your own interest, as drilling new routes is prohibited in some areas. A few areas are even protected nature monuments, and laying a hand there can result in criminal consequences. So just write us a short message and we'll see what's possible where!

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