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In order to preserve the Odenwald for future generations, we work closely with nature conservation organizations.

Guidelines for climbing in the Odenwald

Observe climbing rules

True to the motto: "Ignorance is no excuse", everyone should be aware that any violation of the climbing rules can lead to serious problems with nature conservation authorities, regardless of whether you were aware of it or not. So it's best to get some information directly here on our website. We've done our best to gather all the information you need, but the following always applies: The signs on site are always the most up-to-date!

Access route

We are of course aware that, given the current public transport situation in Germany, even the journey by ICE is a nightmare. We can also understand that many people cannot even imagine taking the bus to some of the remote climbing areas in the Odenwald. Nevertheless, we would like to appeal to you to use the bus and train whenever possible. We have put together detailed public transport descriptions for each area, which we keep as up-to-date as possible! Areas like Ziegelhausen in particular are easy to reach and you save yourself a lot of hassle looking for a parking space. And if that puts you off too much, there is still a ray of hope: if you cycle to the rock, you can skip the warm-up and get stuck into the tour first!

Access route

Please only use the official access routes to get to an area and also to move around within an area! You would think that would be a no-brainer, but unfortunately it is anything but. The Odenwald is a nature reserve and many of the climbing areas are located in sensitive nature conservation areas. It is often only thanks to the good nature of the local community and our work that climbing is allowed here at all. It is very annoying when countless hours of negotiations are literally trampled on just because one person or another feels the need to ignore all the rules. The irony that climbing enthusiasts often try to avoid the via ferratas should only be mentioned in passing here.

Observe closures

The boundaries of the climbing area are marked with white signs. Please stick to these. The same applies to seasonal closures, which are always indicated by signs on site and on our website. In general, we would like to ask you to always keep an eye on not crossing unnecessarily densely overgrown areas of an area, regardless of whether these are officially signposted or not.

Take garbage with you

Your successors will be happy about forgotten climbing gear, but less so about cigarette butts and empty cans at the entrance. This not only spoils the experience of nature, it also harms the local plants and animals. So please take all your trash home with you!

We want to show that outdoor climbing is compatible with nature conservation!

Nature in the Odenwald has a lot to offer

Help us to ensure that it stays that way in the future!

For all those who are not yet convinced, here are a few impressions of our Odenwald!

The AG Klettern would like to thank Tabea Zwaller for the pictures from the Odenwald!

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