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You won't find the big climbing spectacle here. Billerstein offers only few routes, many of which are completely overgrown by moss.


From Darmstadt, head towards Nieder-Ramstadt, then past Waschenbach. The parking lot for the climbing area is located near the Waschenbach quarry along the K138 road towards Frankenstein.

Through the Kastenwald to Waschenbach, then follow the street towards Frankenstein until you reach the parking lot next to the quarry.


Take the B449 from Darmstadt to Nieder-Ramstadt, then the B426 to Waschenbach. Turn right into the K138 street towards Frankenstein. When passing the quarry south of Waschenbach, look for the parking lot on your right.


Take bus line 9 from the "Luisenplatz" in Darmstadt center to the "Böllenfalltor" stop. Switch to the NE bus line towards Modautal. After about 25 minutes you will reach the "Waschenbach" stop, exit the bus. From here you will need to walk for about 20 minutes.

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