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Climbing variety for beginners and professionals

In Ziegelhausen, every climber will find something to suit their taste, whether it's conquering cracks, ledges, holes or intersections. The area is divided into three areas, each of which can be reached via different approaches. While browsing the topos will reveal one or two routes in the 5th and 6th grades, most climbing tours are in the 7th to 9th grade range. Ziegelhausen II is most suitable for beginners, while routes such as "Shut Up and Jump" (10) or "Grenzclimb" (10-) are recommended for extreme climbers. Although Ziegelhausen II has been extensively renovated, skillful use of cams and wedges is required. This area is highly recommended not only because of the fantastic selection of routes, the proximity to Heidelberg makes the area the ideal place for all city dwellers who want to get a taste of the "thin air" in the Odenwald.

  • Please note that only the marked areas are open for climbing. There is also a path rule in the quarry, which means that only the designated paths may be used. Entering the scree slopes is prohibited. Via ferratas have been set up to reach the higher levels, and it is also possible to abseil down to get back down. Also pay attention to the exit bans for various sectors. In most cases, the existing redirections should be used, as the upper edges are often brittle. Please also refrain from dry tooling in the quarry.

    Regulated closures

    For reasons of bird protection, the right part of the Alpenjodler sector is closed until late summer.


Ziegelhausen I

At the Bärenbach Nord bus stop, climb up the forest path along the Bärenbach stream. At the first bend, follow the path to the left, then at the second bend, turn left onto the path parallel to the slope until you reach the rocks.

Ziegelhausen II

At the Bärenbach Nord bus stop, climb up the forest path along the Bärenbach stream. Before the first bend, follow a steep hiking trail to the left up the slope. The path leads directly to the rocks.

Alternatively, you can take a small path up to the rocks from Kleingemünder Straße directly at the end of the village.

Ziegelhausen III

Park at Aldi or the dam, where a steep path leads up the hill. Then turn right and walk east parallel to the road.

From Neuenheim, drive along the Ziegelhäuser Landstraße on the north side of the Neckar. Then, depending on the area, park at the Bärenbach Nord bus stop or at the dam.


From Neunheim on the northern side of the Neckar to Ziegelhausen (L534). Then, depending on the area, park opposite the Bärenbach Nord stop, at Aldi or at the dam.


By train to Heidelberg main station, then two options. Either take the RB5 towards Sinsheim, get off at Schlierbach station and walk 17 minutes to the boarding point. Alternatively, take the RNV36 from Bismarckplatz to Kleingemünder Straße Ost. From there, it is 500m to the boarding point.

Bus & Train
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