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With its diverse edges, the Stiefelhütte area allows for a unique climbing style and ensures there's never a dull moment. Most routes in the area offer solid protection.

During particularly cold winters, the left wall section is coated with ice, which allows for ice climbing. However, please be careful ot to damage the adjacent fence while climbing or approaching.

Climbing regulation

The climbing area Stiefelhütte is located on private property. Therefore, the house rules of the owners, the Hechler family, apply here. As of 2023, these rules are as follows:

Climbing in the area is only permitted when the Stiefelhütte (guesthouse) is open. Currently, this is on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. However, please make sure to check the opening hours of the guesthouse before your arrival. These regulations may change or spontaneous closures may occur. All of this is beyond the scope of our AG's authority.

You can find information regarding opening hours and holiday times of the Stiefelhütte on their website!


From the Unter-Absteinach Sportsfiled by foot along the forestry paths to the Stiefelhütte. The forestry path is off limits to cars.

Quite a distance! From Unter-Absteinach, head towards the sports field and continue along the forest path until you pass the cabin.


From Weinheim, take the L3257 towards Unter-Absteinach. When entering the town, turn left onto Eiterbacher Weg, then follow the signs towards the sports field. Park at the sports field.


Take the train to Weinheim and then take the VR 681 bus to Unter-Absteinach (stop "Brücke"). From there, walk to the sports field and continue on to Stiefelhütte. 

Bus & Train
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