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From open-cast mining to climbing paradise

Since its transformation following the end of porphyry mining in 1967, the former quarry has become a place for nature lovers and adventurers. Free climbers such as Reinhard Karl, Richard Mühe and Thomas Nölter have explored new climbing routes in the rock faces of the quarry and developed innovative techniques. Although climbing was temporarily banned in the autumn of 1986, we found a solution that still makes climbing possible.

Today the quarry serves as one of the most popular climbing areas in the region, although some restrictions must be observed to protect the environment.

  • Please note that only the marked areas are allowed for climbing. In the quarry, there is also a requirement to stay on designated paths; therefore, only the specified routes may be used. Entering the block scree slopes is prohibited. To access the higher levels, via ferratas have been set up. It is strictly forbidden to use hiking trails for ascent or descent to the upper levels! This includes the tempting forest path leading from the 1st to the 2nd level. While it may seem senseless, according to the environmental protection authority, this path must not be used by climbers under any circumstances. There is also the option to exit a climb in order to access the higher levels. Pay attention to the exit prohibitions in the various areas. In most cases, existing redirections should be used, as the upper edges are often fragile.

    Regulated closures

    For reasons of bird protection, the right part of the Alpenjodler sector is closed until late summer.

In this PDF you will find a lot more information about the flora and fauna in the Schriesheim quarry. You can also read the reasons for the nature conservation regulations here.

Access routes

From Strahlenburg, walk towards Dossenheim along the forest paths past the Liederkranz monument. Turn right at the first information board and follow the forest path until a steep hiking trail branches off at a Y-junction on the left. Follow this path to the second information board, which marks the first floor. From here, continue climbing to the next floors via climbing routes.

Directions to the quarry

Strahlenburg is easy to reach from Schriesheim by city bike. However, the forest path up to the quarry can only be done by mountain bike. The bikes should be locked before the steep hiking trail up to the quarry.


It is currently possible to park at the Strahlenburg. From there, the described path leads to the first floor of the quarry. It is unclear how long this parking lot can continue to be used as a public parking lot for hikers. Alternatively, you must park at the festival site in the city.


Take the train to Heidelberg or Weinheim. Then take line 5 to Schriesheim station. From there, walk along Theodor-Körner-Straße into Kehlweg. Turn left at the edge of town and walk through the vineyards towards Strahlenburg.

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