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Past the tourist hustle and bustle of Heidelberg Castle, two large rock formations can be found in the peace and quiet of the forest, Riesenstein I and Riesenstein II. The creative naming not only distinguishes between two rocks that are separated by a road, but also draws a clear line in terms of sport. Riesenstein I, located below the road, is (almost) exclusively known for its bouldering problems. A few poorly secured and rarely used climbing routes can be found here on the "massive wall". The real climbing experience, however, awaits at Riesenstein II. With around 20 routes from grades 4 to 9, there is plenty of project material here.


Unfortunately, the lively hustle and bustle at Riesenstein II has had to be significantly curtailed in recent years. A report commissioned by the city of Heidelberg in 2020 showed an increased risk of rockfall. In response, the area had to be completely fenced off. Together with the city, a concept was then developed that still allows climbing, but only for Alpine Club members. The left part of the area was also closed off as a result; you can find more detailed information on an information board in the area.

There is a combination lock on the fence; the code for this can be requested from the DAV Heidelberg office.

Climbing regulation

There is a no-exit ban on both rock faces. Riesenstein I is a natural monument and any form of vandalism is punishable. Setting hooks is prohibited, as is the use of magnesia.

The Riesenstein I (bouldering rock) is freely accessible. Only Alpine Club members (from all sections of the DAV, ÖAV, SAC, AVS, etc.) are allowed to access the Riesenstein II. The number code for the lock can be requested (during opening hours) from the DAV Heidelberg office. The last climbers should make sure that the lock is locked again when leaving!

Otherwise, of course, the usual rules apply: no open fires, don't leave rubbish lying around and don't harm nature unnecessarily.

The area is managed by the DAV Heidelberg section. Please contact the office for the combination lock code and further questions regarding opening hours.


The Riesenstein is easy to reach on foot from Friedrich-Ebert Platz in Heidelberg's old town. Here the Riesensteinweg leads over several small hiking trails directly to the Johannes-Hoops Weg. Follow this for a few meters and you'll find yourself in front of the two rocks. Riesenstein I is just downhill, Riesenstein II is uphill.

A pretty intense warm-up! From the Friedrich-Ebert Anlage into Klingeteichstraße, then towards the castle. Then follow the signs to Molkenkur, past here. The Riesenstein II is on the right-hand side of the road.


Take the B3 through Heidelberg to the Gaisberg Tunnel, then into Friedrich-Ebert Anlage. From here, turn right up the hill into Klingeteichstraße. Take the next possible road steeply right up the hill to a crossroads where you turn right into Johannes-Hoops Weg. There are parking spaces right in the area.


Take the train to HD Hauptbahnhof, then take the VRN 30 or 33 to Friedrich-Ebert Platz. From there, continue on foot as described above.

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