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In Ziegelhausen, every climber will find something to suit their taste, whether it's conquering cracks, ledges, holes or intersections. The area is divided into three areas, each of which can be reached via different approaches. While browsing the topos will reveal one or two routes in the 5th and 6th grades, most climbing tours are in the 7th to 9th grade range. Ziegelhausen II is most suitable for beginners, while routes such as "Shut Up and Jump" (10) or "Grenzclimb" (10-) are recommended for extreme climbers. Although Ziegelhausen II has been extensively renovated, skillful use of cams and wedges is required. This area is highly recommended not only because of the fantastic selection of routes, the proximity to Heidelberg makes the area the ideal place for all city dwellers who want to get a taste of the "thin air" in the Odenwald.

You can find more information on climbing at Jakobswand directly on the website of the DAV Weinheim. The latest updates and possible closures will also be listed there. Please contact the section directly for any questions regarding this climbing area.

Did you know?

Since the 2023 season, Weinheim also offers a climbing tower. Here, you can discover over 50 climbing routes across 500 square meters. however, the 16-meter-high tower is not the only climbing alternative to the Jakobswand that you'll find on the premises. For boulderers there's a dedicated hall available.

The area is located on the premises of DAV Weinheim, on Birkenauer Talstraße, just outside the city center of Weinheim. The train station is a 20-minute walk away. There is also parking available onsite, but spaces tend to fill up quickly. You can also find all necessary information on the website of the DAV Weinheim.

Directions to Ziegelhausen

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