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The Hainstadt climbing garden is located on the southern slope of the Eselsberg, high above Hainstadt and northeast of Höchst in the Odenwald. The area is known for its sandstone cliffs, which attract climbers from all over the region.

A remarkable feature of the Hainstadt climbing garden is the exemplary balance between the protection of bird life and the interests of the climbers. Thanks to clear and strict climbing restrictions, which are limited both spatially and seasonally, peregrine falcons have been able to successfully raise their young several times in recent years.

The Hainstadt climbing garden offers a variety of challenges for climbing enthusiasts. The climbing routes vary in difficulty, with those who have mastered the 7th grade in particular having a wider choice of routes. For anyone with these skills, a world of fascinating climbing experiences opens up amidst the natural beauty of the Odenwald.

The climbing garden belongs to the DAV Darmstadt-Starkenburg section, which is available as a contact person for any questions.

You can find more information about climbing in Hainstadt directly on the DAV Darmstadt-Starkenburg website. The most current information and possible closures are also listed here. Please contact the section directly if you have any questions about this area.

Hainstadt is also easy to reach by bus, train and car. You can find detailed information on the DAV Darmstadt-Starkenburg website!

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